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Presbyterian Minister Albert C. Stark co-founds Stark-McLane Land Co. to sell land in the Dakotas. His son, 23-year-old Paul E. Stark, replaces an ill Mr. McLane and the company name changes to Stark Land Co. In 1910, the company begins selling real estate in Madison.


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Paul Stark helps organize the Madison Real Estate Board & becomes early President of what is now the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin.



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Paul Stark co-founds the Anchor Building and Loan Assoc. (today, Anchor Bank) to ease the frustration of getting a mortgage.


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Company changes name to The Paul E. Stark Co. as we are no longer just a land company.


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First office building is built – first ever by a Madison Realtor.


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National Assoc. of Real Estate Boards elects Paul Stark as President (a first for someone from a small city), the same year he co-creates a comprehensive real estate program for the University of Wisconsin (the first in the country).


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Paul Stark passes away at age 61. Longtime employee Walter Schar becomes General Manager. (Paul’s two sons, Phillip and Richard, had just returned home from WWII military service.)


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Phillip Stark joins the company with a distinguished infantry record and his B.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, with a major in real estate (the program created by his father).

Glory in Retrospect


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Walter Schar passes away. Phillip Stark becomes President.


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First branch office opens, a new building soon follows. It’s on the west side and managed by a woman – a radical step for the times.

Madison West Office


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Phillip's son, David Stark, joins the firm as a Sales Associate. East side branch opens and a new building is constructed.

Madison East Office


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An affiliation begins with Better Homes and Gardens that would last only four years.


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Phillip Stark retires and David Stark becomes President. In the same year, the company buys the real estate brokerage business from Anchor Savings and Loan Assoc., doubling the size of the firm and adding two branches.


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David Stark becomes one of five founding members of a partnership group owning Preferred Title. Later that same year, the group again partners to create Universal Home Protection.


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Sun Prairie Office opens after purchasing Yunker Real Estate Services.

Sun Prairie Office


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Middleton Office opens (and later moves its staff to the West Office) after purchasing Simon & Voss Realtors.

Madison West Office


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Stoughton Office opens, and a new building is built, after purchasing Hill, Hanssen & Pfundheller.

Stoughton Office


2004 Image

The Central/Corporate Office is built in Fitchburg – becoming the eighth building that Stark Company Realtors builds in the Greater Madison area.

Central Office


2006 Image

Baraboo Office opens after purchasing Coldwell Banker McGann Realty.

Baraboo Office


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Nathan Stotlar, David’s stepson, becomes a Loan Officer with the company’s mortgage affiliate and is quickly promoted to Manager.


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Christopher Stark, David’s son, joins the company as a full-time licensed Real Estate Agent and becomes a Branch Manager in 2014. Chris is now Executive Vice President of Stark.


2015 Image

Alison Stark, David’s daughter, joins the company as a full-time licensed Real Estate Agent and becomes the Customer Service Manager in 2016. Alison moves to Recruiting and Agent Development in 2019.


2020 Image

Phillip C. Stark passes away at age 94.

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